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  • Best hair straighteners

    Every woman tends to be beautiful, and her hair plays in her image far from the last role. Today it is not necessary to go to the hairdresser to make a beautiful haircut - at home, so-called hair straighteners will help. If the device is chosen correctly, then in the process of laying it will become an indispensable assistant.


    Best flat iron for natural hair is good device. Manufacturers produce a wide range of such devices, among which there are both professional and conventional models. The principle of the device is to heat the plates to a certain temperature, and the coating of these plates is very different. When choosing such a product is very important to know the differences between professional and domestic irons.


    The former do not have a large number of functions, but they are very reliable, practical and convenient in operation, which allows them to perform their key task qualitatively. Non-professional products have a beautiful appearance and a number of additional features that are often completely useless. Household models cost much less; however, professional devices will heat up much faster, besides, they will be much easier to clean, they have temperature control for different hair types.


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    What should be the heating element of the device?

    In order not to damage the hair, it is necessary to choose the covering of the heating plate. They come in various types:

    Covered with a layer of Teflon;


    In professional models, plates made of metal are practically not used due to a number of shortcomings: cosmetic products stick to their surface, they heat up more slowly and cool down, it is not easy to adjust the temperature, which increases the likelihood of hair damage.


    Ceramic plates do not affect hair structure too much. Many models are covered with tourmaline - a natural source of negative ions, which will give your hair extra shine. In addition to the materials themselves, an important role is played by the width of the plates - the model should be selected according to this principle depending on the type of hair. So, for thin the iron with rather narrow plates is best suited, for thick ones it is necessary to choose plates wider.


    In compiling our ranking of the best hair straighteners, we took into account not only their professional or domestic purposes, but also a number of other factors, one of the key points was user feedback and value for money.

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  • Capsular hair extension procedure from and to + photo

    General information on stretching capsules


    Recognized all their methods of growing hair is not effective? Dare to build. The time and experience of the masters gave society a technology that allows even the thinnest and shortest hair to turn luxurious strands into a silky canvas in just a couple of hours. This salon service does not lose demand, is gaining momentum, eliminating its shortcomings, now adding lengths with the help of capsules has become not only beautiful, but almost harmless.


    Fastening techniques have several options, strands are fixed with the help of capsules, soldering them with hot forceps or ultrasound. The capsules themselves consist of keratin in solid form or resin.

    According to statistics, almost half of women choose capsular capacity, 45% make tape and only 5% use other methods.


    Types of techniques


    The master performs the capsule (hot) extension using several methods - Italian, English and micro capsule. Their description is yours, will answer the question - “Which hair extension should I choose?”.

    Italian technology


    Hot keratin capsule method. On an ideal volume, on average, it takes about 100 p.



    Universal. It is done at any length and head zone (temporal zones and bangs). Therefore, if shortly cut with a cascade and want to fix it - your option;
    Provides reusable adjustments;
    Strong fastening, option of rejection of 1% from 100;
    The length of wearing strands is at least six months;
    Fastenings do not lose their properties even with humidity and temperature changes.


    Disadvantage: with a very large load and a close arrangement of fasteners your hair can fall out. In individual cases are confused.

    Conformity: to all types, except very weak and thin.


    With this technology, strands are used in the capsules of which the fixing point is already laid. Almost all hairs accept it, except weak, they often break. It's all about keratin - it weights the hair "pulling out" weak hairs from the follicles.


    The strands are fastened as close to the roots as possible, therefore the wearing period increases to 7-8 months. In order for the capsules to adhere to the hairs, they are heated with forceps and the soldering of the capsule is obtained.


    Important: using hot appliances, be careful in the care and styling. Beware of high temperature processes, set the temperature and do not iron the fixtures! Otherwise, the capsules are deformed, melted and glued together in one shred.